kayassine (kayassine) wrote,

Gundam Wing doujinshi for sale

Title: Gundam W Maruhi Kenkyuujo
Circle: Penguin Tanteidan (Izumibara Rena)
Size/Pages: B5/40p
Price: 9$

Title: Space Project
Circle: Raimu Raito   (Kotobuki Raimu     )
Size/Pages: B5/30p
Price: 9$

Title: Tsubasa no Bohyou -Tori no uta-
Circle: Fujitsuzumi (Fujino Ryou)
Size/Pages: B5/34p
Price: 11$ SOLD

Title: Shinri no Sono ZERO
Circle: Fujitsuzumi (Fujino Ryou) + Tenshiya Koubou (Sakura Yuri)
Size/Pages: B5/60p
Price: 11$

Title: Fate of Gold 6
Circle: Zaougumi (Zaou Taishi)
Size/Pages: B5/50p
Price: 11$

Title: Double L
Circle: Osoba
Pairing: Lasse x Lichtendashi
Size/Pages: B5/40p
Price: 15$
Tags: doujinshi sale
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